Rendering Issue (WL 9.0.35)

Hey PG,

when trying to render an Audiofile the resulting file remains unchanged.
This is pretty odd as it has never happenend to me before.

To illustrate that I have set the RX-Declikcer to “Output clicks only” so the ruslting file should only be showing the clicks (basically almost a flatline), but as you can see in the enclosed picture the complete file remains unchanged.

The Master section is NOT on bypass the individual PlugIns are NOT on bypass.
What am I missing?

Thx, Stan

Found the mistake myself! Pretty easy to overlook, because its nowhere visibly indicated. Shouldnt the “Bypass” of the Master section go RED when this is activated? :question:

Indeed, this is misleading. Something should be done.



but isn’t it visible in Master Section
left upper corner in MS !?

Red bypass
Green “no” bypass


regards S-EH

I don’t think the checkmark in the render tab or dialog changes the On/Off symbol in the master section. It probably should…

No, its not. That caused that dilemma. PG said that its gonna be changed.