Rendering meta-data

Few questions/observations regarding rendering meta-data:

  1. WaveLab correctly includes the meta-data when rendering .wav files but not with .flac files it seems.
    I have filled out the RIFF and ID3 sections of the meta-data dialog from the audio montage.
    Does .flac use a different meta-data format than ID3 that only allows it to be added after the fact?
    Do I need to fill out the BWF, iXML, aXML, CART, or Extra tabs to be able to render .flac files with meta-data?

  2. References to an auto variable code which points to another auto variable code are not correctly handled when rendering meta-data.
    For example, I set the value for the CD meta-data @CdTrackInfo1@ code to @AlbumInfo1@. Then under the audio montage meta-data dialog for the comment of the ID3 tag I enter the auto variable code @CdTrackInfo1@. When I render the file, it includes the name of the auto variable code “@AlbumInfo1@” in the comment rather than the value of the variable.

  3. Is support for .aiff meta-data planned? For whatever reason when importing into iTunes, it is unable to read meta-data from .wav files but it has no problem reading meta-data from .aiff files. It would be nice to have the option of using the powerful meta-data variables and inheriting capability to render files to .aiff with metadata.

  1. Flac meta-data is not currently supported.

  2. You have to use a “user variable”, not an “auto variable” here.

  3. There is no support for AIFF meta-data.