Rendering MIDI to audio -- range

I noticed this while having a problem with rendering. When exporting audio, I have to place left and right markers to set the export range. I just assumed that rendering in place would work the same way, and set up markers accordingly. But Cubase just rendered the whole track. I had to split it to get the 8 bars + 5 second reverb tail that I wanted. Is there a less destructive way of doing this? If not, would folk find it useful?


Render in Place renders the whole track, if there is no Event/Part selected on the track. If you select specific Event or Part, the Event/Part has been rendered.

Can you explain what an Event/Part is, or what they are (two names for the same thing? Two separate types of thing?) How do I select/specify?


Cool. I had, in fact, split the midi track to create the part. Just tried selecting it and rendering, and it worked fine, just what I was looking for.