Rendering Midi to Audio

I’m currently using Elements 9.5 and I don’t see a “render in place” feature to create an audio track from midi. Does anyone know how to do this on Elements? Thanks.

I’m not sure how Elements actually works, but you may have to do an export audio mix down, track by track.

Put the midi track in solo and do export audio mix down, then do the next track.

Does Elements have Group Tracks?

It does have group tracks. I’ll try the export. Thanks

I’m not sure if Elements will let you do this, but here’s one way to record a live audio track from a VST Instrument in Cubase Pro.


  1. Create Instrument Track (E. Piano for example)
  2. In Mixer or Lower 3rd, Right Click on Track and Select “Add Group Track” (outside folder)
  3. Add Audio Track

Instrument Track’s Output is Routed to the Group Track
Group Track’s Output is Routed to “No Bus”
Audio Track’s Input is Set to Group Track

The Group Track acts like a patch chord (and much more), named “Jumper” in example.

Place Audio Track into Record Ready
Record Track

Recording from busses is not a feature of Cubase Elements.

I’m not sure why you are talking about group tracks. It will work for individual tracks as well. Not in Elements, though …

The question comes up frequently, the topic made no mention of Version and this forum does includes all versions of Cubase, so if not useful for the OP then perhaps useful information for other users. This was one my first questions when starting with Cubase. :slight_smile:

I believe the right way to do that is to freeze the instrument: display the VST Intruments rack and click on the freeze icon of the desired instrument. This will replace the MIDI track with an audio track corresponding to the output of that particular track.

The “Render in Place” option is only available in the Cubase Pro and Cubase Artist versions.
“Direct Routing” is option is only available in the Cubase Pro