Rendering montage with hardware not working - SOLVED

I am working on a montage where I have one track and 8 songs (clips). I use hardware on each clip. Not in the master but directly on the clip. Pretty cool new feature of WL10. Problem is that when I render (All Regions), the rendering doesn’t happen in real time and the resulting files are silence, all but the last one in the montage. The last one happens in real time and the result is correct.
If I render one region at the time everything works fine. I haven’t tried with DDP.
Everyone else experiencing this?
Thanks for your help

Are you using WaveLab 10.0.40?

Yes, latest version, 10.0.40.
I don’t think the system used makes a difference in this case but I am using:
Win10, i9, 32gig ram

Is anybody else having this problem? This feature is the reason why I upgraded to this version of Wavelab.
Am I the only one using it?

I’m not sure, but I really can’t get behind rendering with hardware, Do you not carefully taper your fades to remove any noise floor between songs?

I prefer to record back to a new motnage track, carefully trim/fade/edit and then do the final renders digitally. I think too much can go wrong if you just render through hardware and call it good. Not with WaveLab but with any DAW.

I understand you have a different workflow but this is not the point. This is a feature of Wavelab that was implemented in the last version, for the first time. A big feature that makes a big difference. I find nothing wrong with rendering through hardware in Wavelab. Having now the possibility to use the hardware on a clip instead of being limited to the master section is a big improvement. If only it worked properly. I am sure somebody else tried it, I just want to know if somebody has managed to get it to work.

I’m sorry for trying to help. I will not do that anymore.

I haven’t tried clips yet, just tracks and main output. I usually do albums per Montage (and then save as a project).

On a recent one I tried using hardware over the master and then did the cleaning up on the clips. I then used the notes function to enter in the hardware settings for each track.

Will try hardware over clips to see what happens though.

Thanks for doing that

Just tried this. Made a new Montage. Imported two clips and put external fx on each. Selected render All Clips and both recorded ok for me.

I then created markers to make regions (I’ve never actually used this function before but seems to be what you’re after) and then tried Render All Regions and that worked too.

There weren’t any other plugins loaded so maybe there’s an issue with that? Maybe try stripping a Montage down to just some regions and external FX and see if that works as a test.

Win 7.

Thanks for taking the time to try this for me. Yes there were plugins involved in my montage. I’ll try one from scratch, external fx only and see what happens. I’m on Win10 but I think it is highly unlikely that the problem is OS related. Well at least I hope not.

Problem solved! Everything works fine as long as there aren’t any plugins in the playback slots.
So to sum it up: when using external effects in a montage, on clips, everything works fine while rendering one region at the time. But if I use “all regions” I need to remove (or bypass) whatever plugins are in the playback slots otherwise only the last region in the montage is bounced in real time. All the other regions are bounced not in real time, to silent files.
Pretty easy workaround, I hope this helps anybody else with the same problem.
Thanks everybody for your help.