Rendering Multi Outputs

This seems like it´s impossible to do.

Does Steinberg really thing we use only one instrument per PLAY instance, Kontakt or whatever?

For examply I have five instruments now in one PLAY instance. Every instument has it´s own output from PLAY. Now, I want to render that fifth instument only. How can I do that? Because Cubase starts rendering all of the PLAY instruments no matter what the settings are and I don´t want that!

I just want that one instrument rendered.

It will bounce only the MIDI clips you have selected, non?

Nope. Even if I select only one MIDI clip it renders everything.

Loading up C8 and testing…

Works perfectly for me!

I opened Kontakt as an Instrument Track; activated three outputs; wrote a bassline in the first channel; keyboard; then tambourine. Each assigned to its own output. Could render any one or any number of them I wanted. Perhaps you need to look closer at the Render Setup?

I´ve tried the Render Setup, every setting I could try.

Have you tried it with PLAY? I haven´t tried it with Kontakt.

I’ve never used PLAY. Perhaps there’s an issue with PLAY. I know that, for instance, Slate Digital’s VCC plugins have serious issues with my Cubase 8.


You have to select Complete Signal Path, I might be wrong but I think it is mentioned on our knowledge base article about known issues:

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Yeah, VCC has been a joke for years. I don´t know maybe it could be PLAY or it could be Cubase. I´ll try Kontakt soon.

I´ve tried all the Render Setup options. It still starts to render every instrument every time.