Rendering multiple regions in one step

I’m new in Wavelab after many of years using SondForge :smiley:
I bought Elements 9 and it’s look like there aren’t possibility to render several regions simultaneously.
I can choose only one specific region. Is that true or I missed something?

And if it’s true, how it’s look like in Pro9 version?

All the best,

I’ve never used Elements so I can’t speak to that, but in the Pro version, you can definitely render more than one region at at time. For example, if I have an album laid out in the WaveLab montage, and CD track markers added for each song, I can render a WAV/mp3/AAC etc of each CD track region with one command. I know Elements is limited but I would be surprised if that was a limitation.

In the render tab, do you not see an option to render “All Regions” in the multiple outputs section of the menu? See attachment:
All Regions.png

Yes, this feature is only in wavelab pro.

Hmm, I tried to find something in montage section but it looks like I should consider upgrade do Pro,
or use SoudForge time to time :slight_smile:

Thanks for a prompt replay!