Rendering One mid channel

I’m using VEP7, Is t here any way if I’m using an instrument that’s using 16 midi channels assigned to 16 stereo outputs to when I render one midi track channel not have it render every output channel?


Unfortunately this is not possible. Cubase doesn’t know the routing inside any plug-in. Therefore all Audio Returns are always rendered.

Thanks for the reply. So there is no way to render just instrument out stereo 5/6 per say and not all stereo outs for the instrument. Think that’s a very important function to have.

Well, that is a different question now altogether.
You cannot select which midi channel from inside a plugin shall be rendered but if you assign said midi channel to its own audio output then, of course, you can chose to render only that audio output.

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Could you tell me how? I have scene no way to just render a certain output from an instrument with multiple outputs. It always renders them all.

Additionaly to what @Johnny_Moneto stated, here is how I do it with a multioutputs VSTi . I have used here BFD3 (as I don’t have VE/VEP, but I guess that the process should be the same), which is also a multioutputs instrument (dedicated to drums), even if it is in the VST 2.4 format. The steps :

  1. Set the involved multioutputs as an instrument rack in the VSTi panel of the right zone and activate the necessary outputs that you need.



You then should see, in the VST Instrument folder of the project view, the added instrument busses.


  1. If not done yet, create the nececessary MIDI tracks, each one having its own MIDI channel and set the relevent busses/outputs routing both in Cubase and VEP (I guess that it’s possible in VEP, as it is in BFD3).


  1. If not done either, record the relevent MIDI parts in the involved MIDI tracks created above.
  2. Select the wanted MIDI track you want to render, WITHOUT keeping any selected part in it, and use the following settings in the Render Tracks window (Edit > Render in Place > Render Settings… command) :

  1. Launch it : you should get, in the same way, a rendered audio file corresponding to each MIDI track selected before the use of the Render Tracks window.


I haven’t tested this, using an instrument track instead for BFD3, simply because I never use a multioutputs VSTi with such a track : too confusing, IMO. So, something to try, maybe…

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Ok that is still doing the same thing. It still outputs all the stereo channels. So I guess I will have to either render and delete or turn off the outs I don’t want rendered. Either way alot of work. Thanks though I appreciate you trying.

You can use the Audio Mixdown. In the dialog select the wanted output.

OK. So, could you give us more precisisons about how VEPro is used with Cubase on your end ? Do you have it setted as an instrument track or an instrument rack, and are you using actual MIDI tracks ?

I think that a screenshot of your whole set would help.

You have single MIDI or Instrument tracks with multiple MIDI channels on them?

You could use a MIDI logical editor to ‘mute’ all events on unwanted channels.

I.E. In the main project view…

  1. Select the track(s) in question. (Hold ctrl or shift while selecting if you need several of them in one go).

  2. Open a MIDI editor in the lower zone.

  3. Select (hold ctrl and click as many tracks you want included) track(s) you want to mute stuff by channel from. Right click one and choose ‘select all events’.

  4. Open a MIDI Logical Editor and set up some conditions like so (in this case it would select all events in the track that are NOT on channel 1.

You could build your conditions accordingly to select whatever channel(s) you want to ‘mute’):

  1. Make sure a MIDI editor (Key or List) is the active part of the UI (click a status bar or something in the window/zone). Tap “shift+M”. to Mute all the selected events.

When you are ready to ‘unmute’ that stuff, repeat the process in the main Project view to get the track(s)/events ‘selected’, run a Logic Editor to select all the ‘muted events’ like so (or you can just rerun your previous MLE to select the relevant channels):

Make the key editor window active (click the status bar or something in there), and tap ‘shift+U’ to toggle those mutes off.

I just tried it on a single HALion Instrument track that has several channels, in different parts and lanes.

It works here. In my case everything is extracted into project events/parts and lanes already,

but it doesn’t have to be in order for it to work. It could all be in a single project lane/event and still work.

I fold the thing and select ‘all events on all selected project events of the track for channel 10’ with ease like this:

Tap shift+M while in the key editor, and all my drum kit stuff in the track gets ‘muted’.

When I’m ready to clear all those mutes…easy enough to have them found and selected with a Logical editor again. Tap shift+U this time, and the events get ‘unmuted’ and make noise again.