Rendering questions

Just two:

  1. how come when rendering one CD track, the dialogue stops any further work in Wavelab but when rendering a multiple output of them all the progress is show bottom left and you can continue with something else? Is there a way around this?

  2. given the above, is it possible to just render selected/highlighted CD tracks (for example when revising a master but only a few tracks need changes) - I tried groups but they only seems to work when the tracks are sequential?


Check here…

regards S-EH

thanks - i’ve been through all the options and, while i quite possibly am missing something, can’t see how to do what i’m looking for - do you know the specific process?

certain rendering tasks are modal (blocking), some others not. This is not an option.

There is an option to render the selected CD track.

ok thanks

yeah i can render a selected single track, is there an option to render just a few selected from the montage in one process? so i highlight the ones i want and let it them run as a batch?

This one or all.

thanks. if it’s possible to consider a “render all selected CD tracks” update in future that’d be great.

cheers for the quick and helpful response as always.

Make new Montage with rendered CD Tracks is one way
or copy Montage and delete CD Tracks…

regards S-EH