Rendering to mp3 in Wavelab

We know that converting a WAV to mp3 can create clipping and overs if you are not careful, but if I render direct to mp3 from a montage in Wavelab with a digital limiter set to -0.2, does that prevent overs from occurring on the rendered mp3s or should I still be setting the final limiter to -1.0 or so to prevent clipping on the mp3s that Wavelab renders?

First of all, you should use a limiter taking into account true peaks. Then to be on the safe side, use -1 db, as they do on the mac for mastering for itunes, i think.

Ok, the result as far as the clipping is the same if I render direct to mp3 from the montage, or convert a WAV to mp3 after rendering?

Basically, when I render to mp3 from a montage, the mp3 conversion happens after the final limiter?

I was hoping I could render “safe” mp3s from a montage with the limiter ceiling set to -0.4.

I suppose I could test this myself but I wanted to get an official answer as to where the conversion happens.

It is the same from rendering from montage directly.

Sorry to dig up an old topic but…

Is it possible to implement a ‘clip safe’ option when creating compressed audio files? Sonnox Codec Toolbox has this feature but I would rather keep the process in-house.

I believe the Codec Toolbox encodes the file, then decodes the while where it checks for clipping/peaks, and then creates the final adjusted file so no clipping takes place. A neat and quick solution which saves a lot of time.

+1 Would be a cool feature to have right within WaveLab. Right now I use NUGEN ISL2 and that does a pretty good job although now and then, something slips through that goes over 0dBFS but it’s not hard to fine tune to prevent it.

I mostly use the Clip Safe in Sonnox Pro-Codec to know if something clips, then I go back to WaveLab and make adjustments in the montage master section and then re-bounce files.