Rendering tracks in montage

Sorry if this is the most basic question, wavelab user for many years but when rendering an album that has multiple tracks, do I always have to create markers for each track or is there a way of just selecting render and it will render out all the tracks individually in one go without having to use markers?


Check this…

and even online manual and pdf

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I already have, still not getting it.

The Render tab allows you to mix down an Audio Montage to an Audio File. What’s in the Audio File, depends on the Source Selection dropdown on the left. It is not necessary to insert markers.

But does that not render all the songs into 1 wav file?

It depends on the Source Selection, what is rendered into the Audio File(s). You can e.g. select single clips or just a range.

Moreover, you can render to a Single File (upper dropdown section) or Multiple Files (lower dropdown section). If you want to render each Clip into a corresponding Audio File, select all Clips and choose All Selected Clips.

What do you mean with “track”? When I read your message, this might not be what is called a track in WaveLab.

Sorry, I mean a song audio file when i say track. Basically, I am hoping i can drag them all into a montage, setup a chain, press render, and the individual songs come out the other side into a folder the same way they came into wavelab but processed. i mean creating markers is fine and fast enough but you know me, streamline central at this end.

Note: Clip is the container for an Audio File.

Yes, this is possible. See previous post.

Can’t start a message without mentioning how great WL is and how grateful I am to PG for so many years of work on this!

On WL 12, when I try to render multiple clips, it only renders the first clip. then I get the message:
I use this all the time. Of course, I can generate markers and render the titles, but that’s not ideal.
In an added note, I don’t like the fact that I have to save the montage before doing this. Quite often I do quick renders where I have no need to keep a saved montage.

Try to activate this (this will be solved in 12.0.30).

In certain contexts, this is necessary, but not in the one you mention. I will check why.

It is the situation when some Clips (possibly with editing / plugins) have to be quickly rendered into corresponding Audio Files, without the need for this (quasi temporary) Audio Montage later.

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Try to activate this (this will be solved in 12.0.30).

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That did it! Even though I was not using any plugins in any of the clips…
Merci beaucoup!