Rendering Video

I’m pretty confused about how this is supposed to work. The thing that defines whether the output of a montage render will be is whether “range of active video clip” is selected? I’ve done that, and get only a Wave file. I don’t see any video choices in the Format box. And for this project I need to output the video, but with audio added before the video clip begins– so how would that work?

Rendering the whole montage also only got me a Wave file.

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You have to select this option:

Yes, I did that. I get a Wave file. Do I also have to select Create Video with the Resulting Audio in Options? I’m not sure why that extra option is there.

Also, like I said, I have audio that starts before the video that I need to include.


The audio in the video can’t be included. How could it be? WaveLab does not create a new video, it takes the onld one and replace the audio, hence WaveLab can’t extend the video.

Sounds like you want WL to be a video DVW. It is not. I use Vegas on the PC and Premier Pro on the PC and Mac for my audio and video work. FWIW

Ok, I see. So is it correct that rendering the selected video clip produces audio from that selection; but if you want to include the video you need to go to Options and check that box?

Pro Tools and some other DAWs will do this, although I guess they do re-encode the video and I understand that Wavelab is not a DAW.

Premiere is not suitable for my audio needs.

Which is not proper, most of the time, because you lose some video quality.

Correct. I appreciate that wavelab doesn’t re-encode.

OK, I had made a small trim at the beginning of the video. Rendering the selected (trimmed) video clip results in a file that uses the entire video, adding the trimmed portion back to the beginning, but uses the audio from the trimmed video, so they are out-of-sync. (If there’s a better way to explain that, I’ll see if I can find one.)

What is the purpose of being able to trim the video clip if Wavelab always has to use the entire clip to avoid re-encoding?

No good purpose, this is something that has to be improved.

OK, thanks.

try Davinci Resolve… maybe it does what you need…

Yes, I will take a look, thanks.