Rendering VST output to audio

I’m running Cubase 6 artist in a PC and I’m having some difficulty with converting the VST instrument output to audio. I tried to follow some of the tutorials on youtube, but they did not help me. The VST connections screen doesn’t even give me the option of adding a Group/FX bus -only stereo and mono. I opened up an experimental project and attempted to try various things, mainly experimenting with freezing the MIDI tracks. All proved to be unsuccessful. I finally gave up and decided to solo the VST track and export it as a wave file. I figured I would then import the rendered wav file back into the project. The problem is that the imported file is slowed down by about half speed and tuned down. When I play the tracks in the project, they sound normal. I can even export the entire project and it would play back correctly. Exporting solo’d VST tracks are suddenly playing back slowed down. What did I do wrong? Any help is greatly appreciated.

Make sure, all samplerates match correctly.

Thanks for the response, but please clarify: how do I match sample rates? I don’t remember adjusting that and it was working perfectly before I started freezing and unfreezing MIDI. Would freezing MIDI data change the sample rate? Sorry for all the stupid questions, but I want to make sure I understand this. Cheers!

If the imported file is slowed- and tuned down, it is at a higher samplerate than the Cubase project and the rest of the audio. Samplerate for export is set in the export dialog. And you match them by knowing which one you work at, (and therefore your project and soundcard are set to) and make sure all added files
1.Are the same
2.Get converted to the same rate

Ok I’ll take a look at that. Thanks for your help!