Rented a cabin in the woods, cannot run Dorico offline

As mentioned in the title, I rented a cabin in the woods with the intention to work on some of my projects. The plan was for me to be completely offline. However, Dorico (3.5 Pro, the latest version, Win 10) simply refuses to open, with no error message. As you can see from me posting this, I’m not completely offline. I can run the Elicenser but the 1st step fails (the others go through); my connection is really very poor. What can I do to actually run Dorico in such a situation?

I’m sure one of the team will be along shortly, but Dorico should not need an internet connection in the normal running of things. Are you sure that its ‘not-working’ is related to the lack of internet?

I run mine offline all the time -as Ben said I’m not sure its Dorico. Its more an annoyance for me with certain plugins. From that experience my workaround suggestion is that if you go to a coffee/tea shop and bring it up, then you should be good for a while. I have also used my cell as a hotspot just long enough to get going.

Hi @Elwro, two things you can try -

  1. Run the Elicenser as admin
  1. Check in your activity monitor to see if the audio engine is still running in the background - if so, quit it and everything Dorico-related, then try starting Dorico again.
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@Elwro it’s normal running offline, completely offline :bangbang:

Moreover you don’t have to run elC, unless you have to download a new license…

If you run eLC but not the maintenance, do you have a valid license for D3.5?

(sorry, posted at the same time… :slight_smile: )

Thank you for the response. As for the eLicenser, when I run it as not an admin it shows my Dorico license but fails at step 1. However, when I run it as an admin it immediately fails with ‘Application ‘LCC2’ has caused the following error: Process with the ID NOT found.’ error. It then shows no licenses at all.

I do not see the audio engine on the list of running tasks.

Guys, I don’t know why, but another reboot solved the issue. I’d really appreciate if Dorico gave me some error messages before, though… Thanks for everyone who offered help!


Happy holidays in the woods @Elwro :exclamation:

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