Renumber Bars/Renumber Measures

I have looked in the manual, searched this forums, google and the menus and can’t find anything on how to renumber bars. I must be typing in something wrong into a search but any help here would be appreciated. I do this hundreds of times a session in Pro Tools (crazy I know) and need to do this just once in Cubase.

Go to Project settings and add a suitable bar offset.


Thank you very much, I looked in there but didn’t look close enough. Thankfully I don’t have to do this multiple times per project like in Pro Tools (multiple songs tracked back to back that need to stay in the same time line and we need to know what bar we are at all the time even in the middle of a tune when things get off like in the case of coda’s, repeats and some bar numbering for second endings etc.) otherwise this would be a nightmare in Cubase. Anyway appreciate your help and quick reply!

Ok this has been bothering me for months and I have some discretionary time to see if I can figure this out. “Bar offset” is just that an offset of what the actual MIDI bar it is putting out to sequencers and plug-ins. When I run EZDrummer in a sesson the sequencer in that is off by the amount of the offset and bar 1 is no longer bar 1 in EZDrummer since Cubendo is doing an offset.

This works just fine in Pro Tools and always stays linked because in Pro Tools it has a renumber bars. There has to be some way to select bar 53, 201, 999 etc and renumber it to be bar 1 without this issue.

Bump is there any Identify Beat like there is in Pro Tools? If I import a tempo map from Pro Tools the map imports but the bars are not even lined nor are the beats. If someone has a great way to export a tempo map from Pro Tools and have the bars line up in Cubase or Nuendo that would be very, very helpful to me.