renumbering of flows possible?

I am trying to find an intelligent way of renumbering my flows, so these numbers reflect in all part layouts:

  1. Chorus
  2. Recitativo
  3. Aria
  4. Recitativo
  5. Aria
    5a. Ritornello
  6. Recitativo
  7. etc…

The crucial bit is the Ritornello 5a. I put it in as a separate flow.
Now „6. Recitativo“ of course shows up as „7. Recitativo“ (which I do not want).
How could I circumvent the automatic flow numbering by Dorico?
Thank you for suggestions.

In these situations I typically turn off the flow numbers in Layout Options, and either rename the FlowTitle to include the number (e.g. “4. Recitativo”) or use an entirely different token in place of the flow number (such as @flowWorkNumber@}).

This does mean that if the order of your flows changes you need to manually renumber everything. If you’re using a separate token for numbering you’ll likely need to modify your master pages or default Flow Headings to include it.

Thank you pianoleo for your intelligent suggestions.
Being lazy at the moment, I went another route in this case: I combined 5. Aria and 5a. Ritornello into one flow, changed the 5a. Ritornello into a Coda section and added the „5a. Ritornello“ as System Text (Shift-Alt-X) to fake an in-between flow heading. Then deleted the now unnecessary flow to get my flow heading numbering back into sync.


To summarize :

  1. Go to File Menu>Project info
  2. Edit the Flow Work Number section for every flow
  3. In Engrave Mode, go to “Flow Headings” (on the right) and replace the {@FlowNumber@} token by the {@FlowWorkNumber@} token

Voila! (I think it’s quicker than writing Codas, inserting titles texts, etc…)

But it’s not intuitive. It could be great if Dorico considered including an easy way to change flow number without work around…

Dear Leo, I came across your suggestion again and had a look around in the Layout Options. Is there a place where one can turn off flow numbers? This would be fantastic as one would not need to go into the Masterpage Editor.

Dear k_b,
There is not. I would expect it to be in Layout options>Page setup>Flows, but that’s not an option. Until now (3.5.10) we have to edit the flow headings masterpage.