*REOPENED* Worksheet Behavioural Change In Version 3


Is it me, or, has the process of preparing a Worksheet changed slightly, in Version 3?

I successfully prepared worksheets in V2, having followed Anthony’s YouTube video, but today, I’m facing a challenge.

At 02:00, after creating the new Master Page, when Anthony clicks “O.K.”, four of the five previously existing pages at the top of the right panel, disappear, leaving only page one. Further to that, the flows he previously created, disappear, leaving only the Master Page.


That doesn’t happen for me, in V3. Once I close the Master Page editor, the Master Page I created disappears. Even after I cross my fingers and proceed, I don’t see it again, unless I double-click it at the bottom of the right hand panel, but then, it opens in the Master page editor. From there on in, I keep going around in circles, trying to get the Master Page to populate itself with the music from the flows, where the exercises I created are.

It worked very nicely in V2.

Did I forget something, or is there a new procedure I need to learn?


No, that behavior hasn’t changed. I work with master pages quite a bit, and I haven’t noticed any differences in 3.0.

Sounds like it might be user error. Can you post the project, or give a little more info about the page you’re creating?

After editing the Master Page, did you click Apply before closing? IIRC closing the Master Page editor does not automatically save the changes; if it did, you would have no way to abandon changes you decided you did not want.

Thank you, for the responses!

I must have changed some one of the parameters un the “Setup” page, while fiddling around. The thing is, “which” one?

I guess, I’ll have to reserve the fiddling for experimental projects. :smiley:

Thanx, again!

How do I add SOLVED to the title?

As you were the creator of the thread, you should have access to the title of the thread by modifying your first post.

I’d be interested in seeing the project, as we’d then be able to explain what happened. My guess is that you made a change to the music frames on either the ‘Default’ or ‘First’ master page such that the music frames no longer match on the two pages, e.g. you have an additional music frame on one page that has no corresponding frame on the other master page, and so Dorico is no longer able to lay the music out automatically across multiple pages, because it can’t find a suitable frame chain to continue the music in on that page.

Thank you for this, Daniel, but Alas! I dumped the project. :frowning:

Thanx, Marc! SOLVED :laughing:

(Well, re-opened, now.)


How do I post the file, Daniel? The “Add Files” dialogue won’t accept it.

Zip it first.

Aahh! Right!


Here it is, Daniel.

Thank you, again!
07 Test.dorico.zip (498 KB)

You’ve inserted a master page change to your custom master page that contains no music frames; Dorico can’t automatically create further pages in those circumstances.

Thank you! It’s working now, but i’ll keep poking around in this experimental project, to see how much more I can understand.

Thanx, again! (We need a “thumbs up” gremlin.) :mrgreen: