Reorder instruments in the Instrument Filter

Is there a way to reorder the instruments in an instrument filter? I would like to be able to voice chords to individual players from different sections and being able to do this would make things much easier for the “explode” command and/or voicing chords over multiple staves. Thanks for any help!


Nope. There are a few really really annoying limitations around filtering.

My “favorite” is that Copy to Staff Above/Below doesn’t respect the filter… it’ll happily duplicate onto the hidden staff, NOT the nearest visible one, which is 99.9999999999% of the time what you want.

I have not tested, but strongly suspect explode would have the same issues.

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Thanks for the reply. Bummer that it can’t be done. Hopefully in a future update!

What we can do is make another score layout with a custom player order.

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Thanks for the help. I will give that a try. It is a lot of cutting and pasting, but will solve the problem. Hopefully it will be an added feature in the future!