Reordering Flows problem

I want to reorder flows in a file of 20 flows. When I do so, text frames don’t move, and music is often reformatted. Is there a way to move around flows keeping everything in each flow intact? THANKS!

If you’ve got page overrides in your layout, i.e. text frames and things that you’ve added manually, they are fixed to the particular page index in the layout rather than being tied to the music on those pages. You can use the “move pages” buttons in the Pages panel in Engrave mode to move those page overrides after having moved the flows.

Thanks! Yes, I have many text frame overrides. I arranged the flows in the order desired. Then when there were incorrect text frames on a page, I chose that page, then selected MOVE PAGES and then chose “before page” and put in the page where I want it to go, and the text goes there. HOWEVER, then there is a circle of frustration because when I keep doing this to fix other pages, things move around - even the ones I have previously fixed. I have searched the manual to find more detailed explanation as to exactly how to do this but I can’t find anything that talks about move pages. I must be missing some crucial step.

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I didn’t know about “move pages”, thanks.
Ideas about it for Dorico team:

  • add a possibility to label page overrides (like “3rd page of flow X”) so one does not get lost when reordering flows and then moving page overrides.
  • add a way to move a flow with its page overrides (although it probably can be done automatically only in layouts with “New flows: Always start new page” selected).

These could be useful. (and yeah, I know the recommended workflow in Dorico - page overrides should be at the very end of it, if at all.)