Repair for MR816CSx

I have a MR 816csx that has noise in MIC line 1 and a stuck PAD switch. I just bought a Thunderbolt Motu 828x but would like to continue using this interface through ADAT with it because of the great sounding Pre’s. Anyone know if Steinberg has an option to send in for repair or any other ideas on how to fix this?

On my old Motu 8pre I sent it to motu to fix and they sent me hot swap replacement for a flat $100, would be great if Yamaha offered a service like that.

CLeaned the pot with non residue cleaner, so that is going now. I called a few stores in Nashville and no one wanted to mess with it so I guess I will live with the Pad issue. Really disappointed that there is no online or phone number for Steinberg in USA to discuss these things. Had an issue with an Avalon and an ART MPA 2 last week and I called them directly and received the part numbers and ordered them (ART sent them directly to me) less than a week.

You don’t know what you got till it’s down and see what kind of service is available, a lot of people sell great products very few sell great product with good service availability. I won’t recommend a Steinberg interface to anyone again.

I had a fault with one of my MR’s some time ago and had to send it back to Steinberg in Hamburg for repair. They fixed it and returned it in few days - great service.

Chris thanks for your response, unfortunately It’s a long way for me to ship device from USA and seems very impractical to even attempt. Do they have phone support in Europe for Steinberg? If so can you share how you spoke with someone. BTW I got the new Motu 828x up and running using Thunderbolt connection on my Win8 PC (asus z87 expert motherboard) and it works/sounds great

I find it hard to believe that there is nowhere in the US to get your MR fixed.

Perhaps you need to take the Yamaha route.

Ask SteveinChicago thru the steinberg forum - he may be able to help.

Good luck.

Maybe the stuck pad is a MR816 software rather than hardware problem. Try a Hardware Reset which it seems is accomplished by pushing in the Select 1 knob and holding the Channel 8 Pad Button while turning the unit on.