Repair your drivers STEINBERG!

Dear Steinberg I get a kernel panic a day if I use my sound card outside cubase more than 10 minutes. You are going to destroy our computers and we worked a lot to buy them! Please fix your drivers!

Mac M1, currently on Monterey but I had this problem on all MACOS versions since December 2019. Please vote this topic so we can move something.

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You mean all MacOS versions since 2019?

Yes. All versions, thank you!

I also have this problem.

Kinda regretting my purchase.

I also have this problem, with a UR22 on a 2017 iMac, and it’s driving me absolutely nuts. Thinking about getting a new interface but why should I have to do that?

i have a ur22c and i use a dell g7 15 and i have interruptions every 10-15 minutes, it is very disheartening to know that many users have this same problem. For live shows, these cuts are a big problem, not only because the show has problems, but also because the takes are damaged.

When I got my M1 Mac I couldn’t believe the steps required for UR driver install:

It’s the only audio interface i’ve tried on that Mac, but surely this can’t be the norm for other audio interfaces?

when are they going to fix the error of interruptions on pc