Repeat audio event according to grid settings

I know this question has been asked before, but I wasn’t able to find a satisfying answer. I’m on Cubase 12 and don’t know how to make virtual copies of an audio event that are not being placed right at the end of the original event, but in time intervals such as every beat or quarter or… whatever I have set the quantization / grid to. Really cool would be a way to do it by simply dragging a handle, but I guess this is hopeless (why should we take the easy route, right?). Repeat command (Strg + K) doesnt work for me either, because all created copies just follow up each other.

Edit: Even more annoying is that I have a really short event (five ticks) and repeating it results in perfectly stacked copies - all in one place. That’s weird.


Unfortunately, this is not possible, sorry. Add the optional feature-request tag, please.

What you could do though is:

  • Repeat the Audio Events to the length, you want to.
  • Call Project Logical Preset, which deleted all Audio Events, which don’t start at the bar/beat start position.

But this will work only if the sample length is an exact division (whole number) of the bar/beat length.

That’s a bummer. Shouldn’t this considered to be a basic feature?

Use the Range tool. Mark a range, then you can use duplicate or repeat.

However, this will create regular copies, not shared copies.

Alternatively you can put the audio event into an audio part (right click → Events to Part). Then you can set the part start and end in such a way that they would be the same as the range in the above solution.

Okay thanks, I get you. So we have to stick to fiddly workarounds. Maybe some fine day we see a fresh repeat-dialogue with some useful options added.


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