Repeat bar regions

Is there any way to have bar repeat sections show in parts but NOT in the score?

They are a tremendous help to a player, but the opposite for a conductor. A classic example is if the conductor turns a page, glances down at a particular part, and only sees the repeat bar region without having any idea what is being repeated, because the actual material is on the previous page.

Thanks as always.

You can use custom scaling… scale down the repeat bar signs in the score, and the notes and rests in the part(s)… that worked for me a while ago, there may be other ways (haven’t checked…:slight_smile:)

Thanks, fv. I guess I can do that, but it’s obviously not as elegant as the rest of Dorico. And I’m always just a little uneasy about using scaling for stuff like that — I’m not confident that if I open the file two or three years from now it will still be as intended.

The only other way, right now, is to have two completely separate sets of players: one for the parts and another for the score. Obviously this is less than ideal.

Yes, but it’s probably a lot faster than fratveno’s custom scaling idea. I tried that on one 40-bar mvt for four instruments (shrinking the notes in the parts and the region in the score), and it took too long to be practical, though I appreciated the suggestion.

I’ll give that a try.

This would be an awesome feature to have for both bar repeat regions and slash regions.

Adding my vote to this. Within certain styles, this is a very common need, and also can have a huge positive impact on pagination in parts with lots of repeated notes.

This is why I asked for the *rhythmic compression * some time ago :wink:
Rhythmic compression