Repeat barlines on just one staff

Hi all,
is it possible to have repeat barlines at different positions in the bar between staves?
I tried to do Shift-B, type end or start and then Option/Alt-Return, but nothing happened.
This is for aleatoric music, such as this excerpt:

Unfortunately, it’s a little pokier … You first have to create a single staff meter change first (which can be the same as the previous measure’s) using alt-enter, then hide the time signature, then create the repeat bar line with alt-enter. I agree that it would be great to automate this procedure if possible .

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So, in the case above, in the cello staff, I would need to create 1/4 TS, then a “the rest of bar” TS, then add the barlines?
At least it is possible :smiley:
Thanks, Claude!

PS: looking again, to show the 2/2 in the bar above, I think I would need to have the 2/2 as general TS (otherwise it wouldn’t show), then use tuplets to write the violin and cello part. How would I then change TS mid-tuplet + mid-bar?