Repeat barlines within a "signe - DS" larger section

I created a tune in which there are 4 successive 2 bar sections, each surrounded by repeat start & repeat end barlines. Put another way each such 2 bar section must be played back twice. There is also a signe at the barline of the 1st section and a DS at the end of the 4th section.

During playback, each section is played OK (4 bars are heard) during the 1st pass around the 4 sections, but during the 2nd pass, each section is only played for 2 bars. Put another way the repeat barlines seem to be ignored during the 2nd pass

Hope this is clear, as I can’t include the .dorico file apparently

Did I do something wrong ? or is it a playback problem ?

Thanks for your help

You’re overlooking this option, found in Playback Options:

Thabks, I suspected there was an option to set, but I’ve been unable to find it in the documentation, even if using “search”

On the other hand, I ask myself why such an option exists ? what’s the reason behind it instead of simply playing what’s written ?

It’s traditional in (much) classical music to ignore repeats after a D.S.

Sorry you weren’t able to find information about this when you searched - in case it helps in future, Dorico calls things like D.S. al Coda and Fine “repeat markers”, with D.C./D.S. al coda etc being “repeat jumps” and Fine/Coda being “repeat sections”. Hopefully knowing/using those terms will help you find what you’re looking for, which in this case is here :slight_smile: