Repeat Bars not Working

So, this is a current topic seems to be. The first section with a repetition bar does not play correctly. Can someone explain to me why? Thank you!
Trabalenguas Pt 1.dorico (795.4 KB)

If you have not added a Start Repeat barline at the beginning of the piece (or wherever you want the repeat to start), try that as a first step.

The bar repeat on the final barline is ambiguous. Therefore, it is invalid and Dorico is disabling playback of repeats.

But there is one, is on the first measure

Thank you for your answer Craig, I don’t understand what you mean by ambiguous though, it is there, could you be more specific?


You can’t have nested barline repeats. Since the repeat at the start is already tied to the end repeat at bar 8, the one at the end of the piece can’t also refer back to that initial repeat.

If you want to go back to the beginning, delete the final bar repeat and put a DC there.

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Then do what @stevenjones01 said. LOL

Good advice!
As the project is currently, the final repeat causes playback to keep on going back to the start - I stopped after 3 times as it seemed to be stuck in a loop.


Why on earth is this not marked by default?

It IS but, your repeat structure is invalid so Dorico disables repeats.

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I didn’t notice the repetition bar at the end, that was my mistake, but even when I still had, it worked when I marked the option of “play repetitions”

But as @stevenjones01 pointed out, Dorico gets into an infinite loop.

I see! Oh well that was very helpful, thank you both!


Dorico will disable repeats if it detects an infinite loop. Unfortunately it does not warn you.

In the next update, we’ve improved the way this kind of infinite repeat detection works, and if you look inside the Playback Options dialog, you will see a warning, and in fact Dorico will prevent you from re-enabling repeats playback until you have corrected the problem. It will also do this dynamically as you edit the project rather than making a single decision at the point at which you load the project.