Repeat bars & playing techniques

There is a way to repeat the playing techniques in repeat bars ?

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Nobody knows ?

Folks are pretty quick about responding if they know the answer (depending how often they check the site), which is why bumping posts is frowned upon.

If no one has responded yet, it is likely because no one who has checked here (so far) knows the answer.

I haven’t tried it (and I can’t for a couple more days now) but I would expect that bar-repeats repeat everything including techniques. Do they not?

I’m guessing because the natural playing technique overlaps into Bar 47 (rather than begins on beat 1 of that bar), that it isn’t being retriggered because there is technically nothing to retrigger that starts on beat 1.

Just a suggestion: if that overlapping technique is just a regular “natural” one, you might try creating the “nat.” technique (or whichever it is) on beat 1 and then hide it?

Thanks for your help.
yes they not repeat the techniques even if it starts at the beginning of the bars, here the original bar & the fist repetition (bars 47 & 48)

If I create a manual techniques ( here slap tong) the technique is repeats but i need to put the first note copy to the first beat of the first “repeating bar” to have de good duration default “normal = moyen” note

repeat are correct

is it possible Dorico to automatise this thing ?

I was referring to the note that is selected in your picture. Put the technique at that rhythmic position. What happens?

It is the same, certainly because I have different “Nat” for each note duration in the VSL synchron & it don’t put the right length and so the right sound.