Repeat behavior intended?

Hi all,

I noticed something with the very useful repeat function:

I’m in note input mode, select via the system track and hit repeat. Only the last note appears to be repeated as in the attached GIF. Is this intended?


I don’t know whether it’s intended, but if you lose the caret then it works correctly.
edit: it seems consistent: it really doesn’t matter what you have selected - if the caret is invoked, R will only repeat the last note.

Yes, this is the designed behaviour: when the caret is active, R always repeats the item directly to the left of the caret.

Hey Daniel,

thanks for clarifying!
Any chance we could choose to repeat all selected even with the caret active? As a toggle somewhere? If not, no really big deal, but it would be handy not to leave input mode…

Thx and all the best,

It’s not something we’re likely to add, to be frank.

No worries then, it’s all good!