Repeat dots drawn incorrectly

For some reason, my copy of Dorico is drawing repeat dots on lines 3 and 4 of the staff, not on spaces 2 and 3. Is this normal? Is there a setting I can change to fix it?

I checked to see if it also prints/exports this way, and yes, it does. I’m including a screenshot taken from the PDF of a file I exported:
Screenshot 2017-03-09 16.59.28.png

This means you somehow have the wrong version of the Bravura font installed. Quit Dorico, restart your computer, and before you run any other applications, delete Bravura and Bravura Text from your fonts folder. On Windows this is C:\Windows\Fonts, and on macOS it will probably be /Library/Fonts but could be /Users/your-user-name/Library/Fonts. Then reinstall the latest versions of Bravura and Bravura Text, which you can do either by running the Dorico updater/installer again, or by grabbing them from here and installing them manually.

I have got the same problem. I grabbed the latest versions of Bravura/Bravura Text.
Then I deleted Bravura and Bravura text from the font folder - or I tried to do; Windows told me, the Bravura font was used by some software and so could not be deinstalled. So I cancelled all apps in the task manager.
This did not help. I installed the latest versions of Bravura/Bravura Text anyway and windows overwrited the installed fonts. But this did not help either. The repeat dots are drawn on the lines and not inbetween. So I run the Dorico installer, deinstalled Dorico and made a fresh install. Without success - alas! Now the two bravura fonts can not anymore be found in the windows font folder, trying to install them anew only displays the »overwrite?« window. After doing this, the fonts are still not to be found in the fonts folder. In dorico, all projects show the false repeat dots.
Now I don’t know what to do - can anybody help?
P.S. I run Dorico 1.1.0
Repeat dots.PNG

After restarting windows some times everything is ok. The two Bravura fonts can be found in the font folder again and the repeat dots look as they should.
The self-regulating forces of the computer - or of Dorico? - struck again! :astonished:
No more help needed!