Repeat endings, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd time designation

Hi folks, I have a 1st and 2nd time repeat ending. Now, I want the 2nd time bar to also be the 3rd time. That is, I want the score to show “2, 3” in the numbers, instead of just 2.

Is that possible? I see a Help page for adding a separate “3rd time” bar. That’s not what I want. I want “2, 3” to be on the same bar.

I also see a Help page for playing 3 times, where “1, 2” is on the first bar, and “3” is on the next. That’s not what I want either.


I just found it, To do this, you need to be in Engrave mode.

Select the 2nd-time bar, go to the lower panel and switch on Custom Text.


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Hi jgg, what you can also do is, after you’ve changed the number of times through for the whole repeat ending structure (e.g. having 3 playthroughs over 2 different endings) you can then allocate the playthroughs to the separate endings - e.g. “1” to the first ending and “2,3” to the second.

This should then playback correctly (whereas just changing the custom text won’t, I don’t think).

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Thank you, @Lillie_Harris. Playback is not an issue for me for this project, but that’s very good advice. :slight_smile:


I think the placement in engrave mode is a mistake.

It’s a property that effects musical semantics, thus it logically should be in write mode, and not engrave mode.

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Agreed. Also, this is the kind of thing that would be sorely missed in Elements.

Yes, I also feel that it should logically be in Write mode. It’s one of the many little things in Dorico that, if you don’t quite remember the exact location of the function, you end up going backwards and forwards between the different modes, wasting time before you eventually find it.

Having used the word "logically’, I would also say that there’s so many functions in music notation that don’t “logically” fit anywhere!

I also agree that this function should be in Elements. For example, if you are just preparing simple chord charts, you should be able to do this. Otherwise… move to a non-Dorico option? We don’t want that! ::slight_smile:


Unfortunately this has to be in Engrave mode for boring technical reasons at the moment, due to the different ways that selections in Write and Engrave modes work. However, we have plans to make improvements in this area in future such that the selections are not so different between the two modes, and that should allow us to move a handful of properties like this into Write mode.


Thanks Daniel!