Repeat endings for bars with chord symbols only

I can’t find a way to create repeat endings for bars with chord symbols only.
How can I create them?

Both of the methods I know work for me, whether there’s anything on the staff or not. Select the bar(s) you want for the 1st ending and either:

  • Shift-R for the repeats popover and enter end
  • click the 1st ending button in the right panel

What have you tried?

Thanks for your reply. Although I’m selecting the chord symbols in the bars, I cannot create the repeat ending there. Should I select the bars themselves? How can I do it?

Ahh, it’s a matter of what to select. Chord symbols are what is known as “system objects” and nothing happens when you try to create something with system objects selected. Click on the bar to select the bar rest (or any entries in it) and then creating the ending should work.

(Another example of this kind of thing that comes up for many users is selecting a rehearsal mark or tempo (also system objects) and trying to create a comment. Dorico lets you get all the way through typing the comment, and then when you OK everything you did is discarded because you didn’t select a staff object to start with.)

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Thank you for your advice Mark_Johnson. Then I have to make bar rests visible to create repeat endings, which I don’t prefer for simple chord progression sheets.
Showing bar rests only for creating repeat endings then hiding them is a little bit tiresome, but now I found how to create them. Thanks a lot!

One quick thought: do you use slash regions under your chord symbols? If so, you can also select the appropriate amount of slashes and then hit R.


Thank you Benji for your thought, personally I would rather not see slashes where they aren’t needed… :wink: