Repeat endings - hide first one

I have a situation where I have to copy a score faithfully and playback has to work properly. The score has what is essentially a 1st & 2nd ending but only the 2nd ending has both the bracket and text above the staff. (The first ending is completely invisible). If could hide the line of the 1st ending, problem solved. (I tried scaling the line to 1%, it scales both the first and 2nd ending). Faking the 2nd ending with brackets and text doesn’t work because the repeat structure is 4 repeats for the first ending, 2nd ending being the 5th time through.

Unfortunately I can’t think of a good way of doing this natively inside Dorico. You could “cover” the first ending bracket with a graphics frame containing an opaque white box in Engrave mode, or you could remove the first ending bracket in an illustration program after exporting a PDF.

Does changing the number of playthroughs for the repeat barline in your faked-2nd-ending-bracket-line scenario solve this issue?

If you don’t want to show the “Play 4 times” text:

In Engrave, you can just send the first ending bracket off the page:

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True enough, yes, that’s another way to avoid seeing it!

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I realized after posting I was going about this wrong. I was trying to over complicated things.
Although I can see circumstances where hiding the first ending line might be necessary.
I forgot that you can specify the number of playthroughs of a regular repeat (no 1st/2nd ending). So I specified play 5 times, put a bracket (line) over the four measures after the repeat with the text “last time” and it worked fine.

Dorico Pro automatically shows repeat counts at system object positions for end repeat barlines set to have three or more playthroughs when repeats are included in playback.

That’s from the “Repeat Counts” help page. This should probably say “By default Dorico Pro…” I had the option turned off and couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t seeing the “Play 4x” showing up. Finally found it in Engravings options.

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That’s a fair point, I’ll make a note.