repeat endings in middle of measure

Is it possible to put repeat endings in the middle of a measure. I can put repeat signs in the middle but not the 1st and 2nd brackets. It only seems to latch to the bars. I’m sure I can force it in engrave mode but I was wondering if this is supposed to work natively and I just can’t figure it out.

I don’t know the context, but why not add a barline before adding the repeat sign? You’ll need to do a bar number change on the next bar if you don’t want your shorter bars to be counted individually, but otherwise it should fix the problem, I think.

The context is that I’m transposing a part (not writing my own), and the original piece has these endings in the middle of the measure. See attached. If I could, I’d do something different.

In this very special case I would just go into Engrave Mode and move the first bracket.