repeat endings

I’m thinking about purchasing Dorico 3.5 so I downloaded the free Dorico SE to see if Ilike the way things are organised in Dorico.
Everything seems to work very intuitive, but I can’t work out to get the repeat endings the way I’m used to do this in Finale.
I’ve made 2 screenshots, how it looks in Finale and how I made this in Dorico SE.
Is it impossible to have repeats 1 and 3 under the first hook and repeats 2 and 4 under the second hook in Dorico, or do I have to change the settings in the bottom panel or maybe elsewhere? I hope someone has the solution for my problem.

Best regards, Arjen

Welcome to the forum.

In Dorico Pro this is easy, but it requires access to Engrave mode, which you don’t have in SE.
Dorico SE is a very good way of getting to grips with the ins and outs of how Dorico works, but if you want an actual feature comparison with (the full version of) Finale, you really ought to consider a Dorico Pro trial. SE is very intentionally restricted, or else Steinberg wouldn’t have a viable business model.

Hi Pianoleo, thanks for your very fast response, the example you attached is very helpfull.
This is exactly what I was looking for, I will download the Dorico Pro trial and I saw a nice discount offer on the Pro version when switching from Finale to Dorico. I really like the Dorico user interface.