Repeat endings

I’ve been experimenting with the repeat ending lines. I have a situation where the first time ending line has to continue for some twenty bars before reaching the dotted bar lines. In this situation I don’t like the repeat ending line lasting all that time - to me it doesn’t always look good. Is it possible to have on option for the 1st time ending to be ‘open’, and to work in such a way that dragging it back a number of bars, doesn’t make the second time ending ‘follow it’?

Many thanks.

No, I’m afraid there is no way to do this. (And I think it’s probably a good thing, though I’m sorry it means that your preferred notation isn’t possible in Dorico.)

But if you really want to, you can cover a part of the line with a graphics frame with a white background on it. Make sure it’s the LAST finish, you make before printing/exporting…

The graphics frame is a good idea, I’ll give that a try, many thanks. Thanks for your response too Daniel.

Experimenting with the things that, for very practical reasons, have been standard in music notation for generations is inadvisable. Carried out in an ensemble context, your particular experiment could be disastrous. If you don’t like the look of such a long first ending, it might be better to do away with the endings and write the music out in full.

I have an example of pop music, where there is a bracket |1.___ | which is only played on the first run and omitted on the repeat. I wonder, how to accomplish this…

k_b as a workaround you can always prepare a bracket in any graphics program (it’s basic, any of the free ones will do what this job) and then place in your score with an image frame. It’s not ideal but it’ll work…

thank you pianola :wink: - I mean pianoleo.
Yes, I played with these brackets too, before Dorico was on version 1.1.0.
Actually I will probably just use Segno symbols and add a „1st time only“ explanation.

I have the same problem that Donizetti06
as I don’t like the repeat ending line lasting all that time
(in my case 50 bars)
In Pop music is very common to have a 1st time ending to be ‘open’,
I really would appreciate if Dorico’s team consider as an option

I am curious: If you have a first time bars of 50 bars, how many bars precede the first time ending?

I am not familiar with these types of layouts and am genuinely interested… I can’t think off the top of my head with guitar repertoire that I have played - both classical or rock or jazz - where I have seen this.

Would some kind of dal segno system work, like dal segno al 2. or something?


Now that there’s the Lines section (in Dorico 3.1), fudging these sorts of 1st time brackets is trivial.