Repeat functionality stopped suddenly


In one of my Dorico Elements 4.0.10 projects all repeat functionality stopped suddenly. The project now just plays from begin to end ignoring all the repeat markings. After adding one part to end of my song all repeat functionality stopped - it worked earlier as expected. I tried to solve the problem
by deleting all repeats and then adding them back again but it seems that nothing helps. Is the project somehow broken?

Any ideas what might cause this or how to fix it?

This can happen if you have somehow managed to create an infinite loop of repeats - in that case Dorico will automatically turn off the repeats playback. Most likely your start and end repeat barlines don’t match up. Unfortunately in Dorico Elements there isn’t a way to access this setting to turn it back on again (in Dorico Pro it is in the Playback Options dialog), but if you want to post it here or send it to me I can do that for you.

Ok, good to know, many thanks for your reply. I think something like that happened.
Fortunately I managed to get it back working normally by importing that project to a new empty one.