Repeat N times

How do I mark a section to be repeated n times, for example five times? Same music, not different repeat endings.

Create a repeat barline (via the popover or the barline panel). Select the barline and open the properties panel. Turn on Play n times and set the value to the number of times you want the section repeated.

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If the repeated unit is made up of whole bars, I would use normal repeat signs, and write ‘play n times’ at the start repeat sign. Assuming it is a common instruction for all players, use system text which will appear in all parts.

If it’s only some players, or only parts of one or more bars, I’d do different things, but that’s the most common use case.

(Counting the number of plays, rather than the number of repeats, avoids the small but irritating ambiguity that repeating once = playing twice. Placing it at the beginning of the section is better because that’s where players are looking when they increment their count. And it is better to know about the multiple repeating as soon as possible.)

Hope that helps

@SmithAlexander Thanks. I observe that you have to select the end repeat barline, not the start. Logical I suppose.