Repeat playback error

The attached file which has a number of repeat signs is not played back correctly: When I start e. g. in bar 64 the program jumps back to bar 57 (which it should do), but when it comes back to bar 64 again it does not continue the playback with bar 65 but jumps back to the beginning. Besides it takes long until the playback begins.
I have checked the repeats but found no error.
I have exported the file as xml and imported it in Sibelius which played it back correctly.
Dorico (2.4 MB)
Repeat (1.4 MB)

I’ve spent a while looking at this but I’ve not been able to find the spot where Dorico thinks there’s an infinite repeat loop, which is the problem you’re experiencing. You’ll be able to speed up the editing of the project considerably by switching off Play repeats in the Repeats page of Playback Options, but that won’t necessarily help locate the problematic area.

To try to find the problem, I removed all the music from your project leaving only the repeat structure behind, and then I removed the bars in between each set of repeats to make the music shorter:

Repeat error structure only.dorico (1.2 MB)

This version of the project plays the bars in the right order for me – does it play correctly for you too?

Thank you for your experiment! Yes, the repeat structure does work on my machine. But what does this mean? How can I come back to my original music?

I have restored the original number of bars and copied and pasted the notes into the flow and imported it in my original file. Thank you for your help! Now everything is OK.
But there remains a question: How can it come to such a situation?

Well, something in the original repeat structure was out of place, but I wasn’t able to see exactly what it was. I’m glad you’re up and running now.

The End/Start Repeat Barline in the Violin I staff in bar 49 and bar 65 seems to be local . I think this is the cause of the problem. Therefore, please select the End/Start Repeat Barline containing Violin I and delete it. If you do this, the End/Start Repeat Barline at that position will be global and will play correctly.

local end start repeat

Thank you very much! This is definitely the solution of the problem! How did you find it out?

At first I couldn’t figure out what was causing this problem either. After some fiddling with your uploaded project, I came up with this answer.

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Excellent detective work, @tomotomo2. That explains why I wasn’t able to reproduce the problem once I had cut the project down, as I removed all of the instruments other than the first, which also removed the local barlines.