Repeat section of bars x times (not repeat endings)

Hej network and Happy New Year.
Finally got the OK to upgrade to Dorico 5 and I am loving it.
Now I have an arrangement, where I want to repeat 42 bars, 3 times.
But I don’t know how to let the program know that, without using repeat endings? And can I do that?
When I look in engrave options I have come across “repeat count” which makes it look like you can write with text, how many times you want something repeated?

I’m not sure what you mean by without using repeat endings? You do need a repeat barline…

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Hehe… I think I need to see an eye doctor.
I never noticed the “Play n times” before.
Thank you, Janus. :slight_smile:

Now I have another issue.
I need to repeat some of the bars in a DS to Segno way and suddenly the repeat count appears double?
Repeat DS to Segno - 2024-01-04 143618

Sorry. Can’t replicate that.

It happens when I hook the DS to 1 in the next bar. If I hook it to “4and” the double “play 3 times” is showed correctly. But it won’t playback correctly. Correct playback is very important.