Repeat sections aren’t repeating

Fumbling my way to getting this software to work for me (learning).
I had 1st and 2nd repeats working but maybe finger fumbled or something - not working anymore. Is there a setting g for repeat policies?

Cheers. Roen

I expect the issue is that you have a mismatched repeat structure, so Dorico has automatically switched off the Play repeats option. Unfortunately you can’t easily turn it back on from the iPad version, but if you attach the project here or send it to me in a private message, I can fix it up for you.

Yes, I found some discussion in the manual (?) about “Playback (?options?)” but couldn’t manage to find it in the iPad software.

I will accept your very fine offer and private message it to you.

It would be great to understand how/where I caused this so I can avoid it in future.


The issue is that after your second ending, there’s an end repeat at the very end of the flow, but it’s not clear where that’s supposed to repeat back to. I guess somewhere after the second ending? Let me know which bar you want it to repeat back to, and I’ll add the repeat barline there and then set the Play repeats option for you.

Sorry, I thought I had responded. Came back to check and found a message about draft in another window.

The first part starts at bar 21. At 24 there should be a repeat to the beginning. At 25 there should be 2nd part and a repeat to beginning at the end.


A repeat back to the very start, i.e. back to bar 1? Or a repeat back to the start of the section that begins at bar 25?


Yes, back to 1.
I expect it would play 1 - 24, 1 - 20|25 to end and repeat.
I am sure I had it doing that before I klutzed something.


Aha, OK. Then we need a D.C. marking, rather than an end repeat barline. And where should it eventually stop after it repeats back to the beginning?

Yes D.C., and repeat until my wife takes to me with an axe.
Thank you, Daniel, I appreciate the attention.

I’ve sent you an updated version of the project with the repeats re-enabled. Good luck avoiding the axe!

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Thanks, Daniel.


I shouldn’t have been so hasty in my excitement.
I meant to ask - this only applies to this project?
Other projects repeats won’t be affected?
Will the menu with the Playback Options be incorporated into a future Dorico for iPad?

I do like it. I have been using MuseScore but it isn’t mobile.

I’m not sure whether or not we will implement the Playback Options dialog into Dorico for iPad. It’s certainly possible.

However, you should find that Dorico for iPad plays back repeats by default, provided you don’t create an invalid repeat structure, in which case it will automatically disable the option when you reopen the project, as projects with infinite repeat loops can have poor performance (not only in terms of playback, but also in terms of the overall speed of editing the project).