Repeat sign on single staff

Is there a way to put a repeat sign on a single staff? This is for a free-rhythm song, with an ostinato phrase that repeats in one hand of the piano.

You mean that % sign? It is not implemented yet, but I guess it still can be used as a rext object — copy it from the Smulf page, and paste it it the shift-x popover with “music text” selected in the upper right corner. Then move it in Engrave mode and deal with the rests (remove rests in edit menu should help).

I mean a quasi barline with the double dots, but for a single player.
What is the Smulf page?

You can add a repeat barline in the usual way, either dragging and dropping from the right panel while holding the Alt key, or by using the popover but finishing with Alt-Enter rather than just Enter.

Ah, found the SMuLF.

Thanks for that info, pianoleo, and thanks, MarcLarcher, for revealing the SMuLF.

It’s SMuFL, actually, like the noise that a cat makes when it has a cold…

I do not think, that the way pianoleo descibres will work. Alt-Enter works for meter changes but not for barlines or repeats.

As far as I know, the only way to get what you want is to use shift-X and input the repeat sign from the SMUFL-page


Thomas has a point, but actually it’s not that my method doesn’t work, it’s just that it needs to be a bit more fleshed out. If instruments all have the same time signature (even if it’s an X meter) then my method WON’T work.
However, if you add a meter just to the instrument that needs a repeat barline, Dorico will automatically add in the required (normal) barlines. Those can then be turned into repeat barlines in the method I described. i’ll try to revert back with an example in a minute.

Example attached
example1 (349 KB)

you’re certainly right. If you have independet time sigantures you can add individual bar lines and repeats.

I didn’t know this before. Thank you for sharing this.


Thanks everyone for being so precise and helpful ! I’ll try to remember about SMuFL… :wink: