Repeat string of different time signatures: crash

WOW: marquee select a number of bars with different time signatures and then alt+click does a perfect copy.
Aaaw: click select only the time signatures and hit R: dorico stopped working.
Is this a known bug?
BTW: I’m superexcited about the product.
Looking forward to 1.0.10

I’m unable to reproduce the crash with a simple project here. Can you attach a project that reproduces the problem, so we can take a look? Zip up the project and be sure to tell us what to select in order to reproduce the problem. Thanks!

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for a quick reply.
I send you two projects:

  1. “polymetric just before the crash”
    Therein you’ll see two flows.
  • first flow has time signatures 3/8, 5/8 and 7/8.
  • second flow starts off as an exact copy of flow 1.
    In this second flow I Ctrl+click-select the first two time signatures, i.e. 3/8 and 5/8
    Then I press R and you can see the result: 3/8 was repeated and 5/8 was not.
    Then I press Ctrl+Z to undo and that is where Dorico gives up (or Windows 10?)
  1. “polymetric after the crash” is the file I find in the Dorico projects folder.
    When I try to open this file with Dorico, the result is the same crash: “Dorico stopped working” etc etc.
    By the way: in the hub this crashed project is not listed although I had saved it just before Ctrl+Z.

I hope this information will help you to discover the loose ends.
Thank you very much.
Karel (543 KB)

I am using trial 1.0.10 downloaded and got started last night. Really interested in helping work out the kinks from a user side.

to the point, using ® to repeat 4 bars with time signatures alternating back and fourth from 5/8 to 4/4 in subsequent bars doesn’t work, it seems to cut the last 4/4 in half. alt clicking in an empty bar at the end works fine to repeat the same 4 bars in the score. so far love the product