Repeat (%) symbols in parts but not in full score

Hi Daniel

I fully appreciate that this is unlikely to be ready yet, or even a high priority, but…

Will it be possible for repeated bars to be displayed differently in individual parts and the full score without having to do any manual tweaking? This is very common for drums, but can also apply to other instruments. So, for example, a repeated drum kit bar would show in full for each bar in the full score, but in the drummer’s part it would show the repeat symbol (large percent-like sign) for each repeated bar, typically with the bar printed in full at the start of each new system, and perhaps a bracketed bar count for each %-repeated bar.

It would seem to me that this is a relatively straightforward process that could be tackled by a rule-based notation engine, but who am I to know? It might be a nightmare!

Keep up the good work!

We have certainly discussed this and hope to be able to support it in the future.

Any update on this, yet? Can you place a repeat measure symbol in a bar, currently?