Repeat text disapeared!

The image on the left below is from my attached chart. The repeat text seems to have disappeared… it was there originally, as shown in the ‘empty’ project shown in the image on the right. How might I get it back?

you can see that has actually occurred on several instances of the repeat throughout the chart.


In My Dreams.dorico (707.8 KB)

In Library > Playback Options > Repeats, are repeats included in playback?

When the repeat structures in the project become unbalanced and would result in an infinite playback loop, Dorico disables playback of repeats via that option. If you can review your repeats and ensure they all balance, you should be able to re-enable repeats and that will stick.

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Hmm… i’ve setup a flow that seemingly works the same way in a separate document… and don’t have the issue. I guess I don’t understand what is causing the the unbalance. If someone can discern what is going on that attached project, I’d be thankful.

I also removed all the repeating elements from the project (revised project attached)… and in the video here you can see that adding a repeat back in has no effect.

In My Dreams - Repeatless.dorico (685.6 KB)

Lillie gave the correct answer (as usual). Follow her instructions to turn Repeat Playback back on, then have another go at creating your repeats. I’ve confirmed that this will work in your file.

When you save a file with a nonsensical repeat structure, Dorico turns off Repeat Playback in order to prevent itself from getting stuck in an endless loop (which is something that could happen in these circumstances in earlier versions of Dorico). If Repeat Playback is turned off, Dorico doesn’t make any of the calculations that go into displaying repeat n times (etc.) on the page.
If you delete the nonsensical repeat structures or fix them, Dorico won’t turn on Repeat Playback automatically - the onus is on the user to do so. There’s nothing currently unbalanced about your file, but Repeat Playback is indeed turned off, which would suggest that at some point in the past there was an unbalanced repeat structure in the project.


AH! I see… she was referring to an option in the menus, I thought that was a reference to a portion of the documentation… I interpreted “via that option” as that option I had highlighted in my screenshot. Yes, now I see that option had been disabled.

That’s a bit of an odd software dynamic, IMO, from a UX perspective… disabling an option within menu/dialog as a result of some action within the editor environment. I don’t have a better suggestion of how to make the user aware of such a condition, short of something possibly requiring some as yet perhaps non-existing framework to provide reviewable alerts/warnings/errors caused by user action.