Hi,i am trying to repeat a 4 kicks from 1 bar.
i want to repeat 399 times.
i go to functions,repeat,and type in 399. but when i hit enter,i can see the box changing to 100 instead of 399.and it repeats 100 times.
any clues as why all of a sudden this is happenning. i do this reguarly and never had this happen.

Not the news you want, I suspect, but it’s not happening here. C6.0.3, Win7-64

Project length set too short ???

where do i set project lenghth? ive never had the prob b4? and have repeated over 400 times.

Project length will automatically expand to incorporate new additions. Reducing it will leave them there, including automation points, so you must remember to delete them too.

i was checkin there,it seems to only be happennin with audio. i was able to repeat a bar of midi 300 times.

You increase the project length in Project Setup.

no still no joy.i even opened cubase 5,32 bit and 64 bit,same thing happenning there.
as i said this wasnt happenning b4,just out of the blue.
would i need to trash the preferences?(as steinberg seem to suggest,for a lot of problems)
if so,how do i do this again.[productfamily]=2

Or look in the sig one post above your last…

when i go into app data and cubase 6 64 bit folder,there isnt a folder called “preferences”
the folders are>Panels,presets,project templates and scripts.
below that there are xml dcuments including content manager,cubase module cache,defaults,edit modifiers.
are these the preferences that i need to delete?
there are 3 other files which are not xml.
these are mediabay 3(which is data base file) midi devices bin(BIN File) and scanned folders(BIN File)

loading cubase now,and its rescanning plugins(is this normal?) and of course it stops at Amber(one of dcam synth squad synths) why cant fxpansion sort this out.(anyway just wee rant there)

can someone tell me if the files that i mentioned 2 posts up,are the ones i need to delete,if im deleting preferences!

ok i deleted them all anyway,havent time to wait on replies.
now when i load cubase,it keeps freezing while initializing plugins. i have to go to task manager and end task.the restart cubase,and it skips the previous problem plug,and freezes at the next one.
fot the love of god someone help.

Oh dear…

Re-name your plugin folder to plugins_temp and at least Cubase should start.

thanks for reply
ok i have renamed the 3rd party plugin folder to as u said.
now when i load cubase it is still freezing on load.
it freezed for a couple of the cubase plugs(tonic,and embracer.
then nexttime on a 3rd party plug.

That sounds not good!

ur tellin me! hehe

Try renaming the folder where the bad plugins are located.

thats wot i did.they are in my main vst plugins folder,but it also frezing on tonic and embracer,and that is the cubase plugs.

Looks like you broke a lot more in your attempt to fix repeat :confused:
Can you place back the files you deleted or is the trashcan empty?