Repeated bar numbers

I don’t see the repeated bar numbers, nothing is visible.

I can’t speak for anyone else but I will need more information in order to help you…

I want to number some repeated measures and I have created a section of numbered measures, but I only see the section mark without seeing the numbers…

Can you post a screenshot?

Is this the type of thing you’re referring to?

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2023-09-06_110232.pdf (163.2 KB)

You need to make sure they are enabled in that layout by going to Layout Options.

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NB these are not the same as Bar Repeats

perfect, thank you very much

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Quite OT and apologies, but I can’t help being a compulsive proofreader: no pizzicato note will sound that long. As a pizz. is following directly, are you sure you didn’t mean arco?