Repeated tuplet notation

Is this correct notation

(scan of old score).

I made it

I’m not sure how to make the first, if that is the correct notation.

Any advice?


What strikes me here is that the original is probably a 9/8 measure, while yours is 3/4…

I’m sorry, I should have stated the start,

There are no time changes in the piece.

The dotted notes are tuplets (so there are 9 notes played in the bar), not 6 as in your interpretation. This is a common shorthand.

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Is not the slashed (/) stem to be read as “continue as before”?

Is this better notation?

Or possibly


Last one, I believe.

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You last is correct, just hide the tuplet number in properties.

No, it means repeat this note a certain number of times.


Thank you, it worked out nicely.

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