Repeatedly crashes


Having so much problem usning WL 8.5.30 on osx 10.9.5 I can hardly work with it.
It crashes all the time wasting my energy, time and money.
I have plug ins from Fab filter, Izotope and Klanghelm installed and I have already been in contact with them regarding this problem. I have erased old files in the Library and I have updated all programs. I have also tried to remove the plug ins.
WL will crash in all type of situations suddenly freezing and then shutting down resulting in loosing hours of work.
It can freeze while editing in the audio file, while editing a marker, while working with plug ins or even at opening a file or opening the resampler.
I have little or no help from contacting customers support. Waiting for over a month since my last mail to them,
I will attach the lastest crash report.
Hope to get things solved since I like the workflow design of the program besides all the crashes.
If not I have to go to another developer. This is really destroying the reputation of Steinberg as a serious developer I think.

Alex Ekroth
Chrash (190 KB)

Same on the PC. Best of luck!

I Run mac 10.8.5 and have the same frustrating experiences. Makes you wonder what Steinberg is about, are they serious at all? Is there anybody out there….? After all we are customers, we´ve paid for something, anyone heard of any refund guaranties….

You lose hours of work? I had a crash today, lost about 4 mins. Doesn’t it auto save every 10 minutes?

I feel your pain. The on-going stability issues and incompatibly with 3rd party plugins have forced me to do my main work elsewhere. Which is a shame. I’ve been a full-time Wavelab user since the beginning. This is software for professionals and its not cheap. I expect better.

Ever since PG ported WL over to the Mac the PC version has been plagued with problems. Maybe in trying to be something for everyone WL has succeeded in being less than perfect for everyone.

I sure hope WL 9 is all it is cracked up to be and we don’t have to go through multiple maintenance updates to find a stable WL. I have been with WL since version 1.6 and up until 7 I was more than pleased with it as my primary DAW.

Unfortunately - as shown since the release of v7 - stability is not a priority any longer for this app. These days it’s about duct taping feature upon feature onto a crumbling foundation hoping the masses will continue to upgrade. I expect v9 to be just as unstable (to start) as any other version until we hit about 9.03 or so.

And plugin support of course will have a great deal to do with this.

It blows my mind that my instance of Studio One v3.2 is about as rock solid as one app could be - I can use any plugin at any time in any project and it just works as advertised - while over in WL 8.5 - using any plugin (Except the dinky ones provided with WL) causes me to shield my eyes every time I go to insert something - crossing my fingers that it’s going to work.

WL was in a class by itself upon a time (v6 era) but now I approach this software with caution (and unfortunately - a healthy does of skepticism).

I will upgrade to v9 * - but no longer will I be drawn into beta testing. Fast, efficient client delivery is my first priority and v8.5 allows me to do that with little interference.

*** Important Side Note: If WL9 does not fully support Windows 7 x 64 (Steinberg usually only supports that last two versions of MS windows - which could mean only Windows 8 and Windows 10 are supported) - I can say with 100% certainty that I will not upgrading.**

Windows 8 (for certain) and Windows 10 (Not even close to being ready) will not be seeing any use in our studios anytime soon.

I seriously doubt I will install any version of v9 until I can see that PG/Steinberg actually takes stability (over features) seriously.