Repeating bars for verse and chorus

Does Dorico elements 5 allow me to do this and put in verse and chorus alongside the score at the bar numbers?

My structure is intro, verse 1, chorus 1, verse 2, chorus 2, verse 3, breakdown, chorus 3, outro.

The verse and chorus have the same notes. I am not sure how to proceed as currently this sequential way needs a lot of pages. I have attached the score I hope that is allowed. You can see there are 26 pages. I am sure you can recommend a way that will help.

Score track 1 to forum.dorico (1.7 MB)

Regards in advance.

Please explain further what you mean by “alongside the score at the bar numbers.”
Can you post an image of what you want?

This is my very first use of Dorico 5 elements.
This might better explain it.

I can get it down to 22 pages, just by setting No staff labels on every system (in Layout options).
19 pages by setting the staff size to Size 4.

Do you want the Words “Verse” “Chorus” at various points in the score? Yes, Dorico can do that. Use System Text, so it will appear in every part.

If you want to use Repeat markers ||: :|| to repeat the material that is the same, then yes, Dorico can do that , too.

That’s great; I will explore those options. As the verse and chorus are a repeating block, I can maybe add that and redo it further.