Repeating selected events doesn't adhere to 'bars' or locator

Hi folks,
When I’ve recorded MIDI events, I double click the passage to edit and then set my locators to the right and left of the section I wish to repeat.

I do a Cmd A to select all my events then Cmd K to repeat but when the events are pasted they are grey / black and don’t play.

Even more annoyingly they don’t seem to snap to the end of the locator - it just repeats them immediately after the last event so that everything is out of time.

Clearly I’m doing something wrong - it can’t be this difficult to just copy and repeat a section ? Any help greatly appreciated.



Even after having unselected them ?

It’s kinda usual, at least here. There isn’t the need to set the locators to a given MIDI part boundaries. What I do, in this case, is to make sure that the track is set as linear timebase, adjust the temp accordingly to the MIDI part, and then set the track as musical timebase to lock the MIDI part to the project tempo. Only after this, I do the duplicate/repeat task.

This, only if the MIDI recorded is the initial part of the project, of course…

EDIT : reading again your initial post, I obviously confused ‘events’ with ‘parts’. What I was stating was actually usable with MIDI parts only, sorry, as it seems that you were initally using the Key Editor. But in any case, for duplicating MIDI data, I’ll always prefer to deal wtih parts againt events, in the arrange view.

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Because they are outside the midi part

Because it doesn’t work that way. The events are simply pasted at the end of the selection that has been Duplicated (or repeated)

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Ok - You lost me totally here - this is pretty much my first time using Cubase except for a brief flirt many years ago !

Allow me to rephrase the question.

What’s the easiest way to repeat a section of MIDI events multiple times - say for example an 8 bar bassline that I simply want to repeat (and not have it drop it in a position that is out of time at the end of the last recorded event) ?

I appreciate your answer, however, I didn’t understand it !

To do this you should do it in the Project view and operate on Midi Parts, then you can size the part to duplicate the way you need it to. (by putting the end of the part at the position you want the new part to begin.)

MIDI parts are what you see as items in a given MIDI/Instrument track in the arrange view. MIDI events are contained in them. If you use the Key Editor, you are dealing with events (individual notes or MIDI messages in controller lanes). In the arrange view, you are dealing with MIDI parts (containers of the MIDI events recorded).

For repeating MIDI events, I would rather use the MIDI part that contains them, eventually adjusting its boundaries. Then, I would do the process described in my previous post.

Well, that’s just retarded. So then presumably one has to select all the duplicated events and shove them along manually until they’re in time again ???

Didn’t think that one through, did they ?

What’s the point of a repeat function that doesn’t snap to the bars to simply repeat the bars that are already there ???


Erm - OK…

Project view = the main view with all of my tracks ?
Sorry - I’m really not following. As I’ve said - I’m a total beginner.

My issue is this - I have an 8 bar bassline I’d like to repeat. At the start of that there are 2 bars of silence to allow patch changes, MIDI syncs etc.

All I need to do is select the 8 bars of midi events (chopping off the 2 bars of nothingness), and repeat them.

It surely can’t be difficult ? - Would you be good enough to talk me through it - as a complete beginner ?


You should read the beginning of the manual to familiarize yourself with the nomenclature and structure of Cubase.

Got it Steve - thanks.
Quite simple.
On the main screen click the bottom left corner of the recorded MIDI to chop off the 2 bars of unwanted silence, then simply drag the square in the middle at the end of the recorded MIDI to the right to repeat.